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Separating the Bed from a Sleeper Sofa

Removing the bed from a sleeper sofa Is an especially good idea when you go on to another house or in the event that you have to discard the sofa. By getting rid of the mattress you eliminate a significant amount of weight from the couch itself. By dividing the weight up, it generates moving both sofa and the bed a far simpler task. Just regular tools which can be found in almost every best sleeper sofa dwelling toolbox are required to finish this undertaking.

• Pull out the sleeper bed and stretch it fully.

• Flip or roll the couch human body forward so it rests to the bed. When done properly, the inner back of this sofa is resting on the mattress and also the legs and the base of the couch are facing outward and parallel to the floor. You may need assistance for this, so get a partner if at all possible.

• Remove the dust cover from the base of the sofa. This exposes the bedframe that is attached to the couch framework.

• Locate the bolts which attach the bed framework onto the couch frame. There are at least two on each side and more. They extend through the bed frame folding mechanism and in the settee framework.

• Attach a wrench or a socket and twist on the bolt head and start turning them out. When all the attachment bolts are removed, the bed frame wobbles inside of the settee when it’s pushed back and forth.

• Pull the sofa back down so the legs are resting on a ground floor. Lift upon the bed frame at the front of the sofa and slide out and off from the settee. Take out the mattress and then fold the frame back around make it easy to carry.

May 11, 2020